So I got this 1973 Transporter from a friend that did not have time to take care of it anymore. This a intended to be a journal of my work on it and notes on what worked or did not work.

The goal is to get it running reliably and have it usable for trips of under 2 hours where a covered bed is useful. Mostly this is Road Atlanta about an hour away. 

The bus did make it from Matt's to my place under its own power. It did have issues starting up after a fill up and only one wheel made it into my driveway but there was only modest pushing. 

It is officially a 1973 Volkswagen Transporter. It was produced in September of 1972 and the plate behind the driver's has UK on it. More investigation is necessary.

Matt owned the bus from 1999 to 2013. Some time before that it was used to wrangle cattle in Mexico. 

It does have the camping option(need correct term) with cabinets and a bench that folds into a bed. 

The engine is a pancake 1700 with a Weber on it.