Still working on it.

Have not really kept this updated. I will try to over-update now.  

It is coming down to crunchtime and I have really screwed up the timing on the bus. Make sure you know your TopDeadCenter before you start adjusting stuff. Will take another shot tomorrow. It sure seems like the distributor shifted a bunch! 

In an attempt to ignore the mechanical I decided to finally strip and epoxy the roof. This will put me in a very tight time-frame before heading off to Road Atlanta. My whole reason for getting the bus is to go to the racetrack and not sleep on the ground. Hoping to roll on in there with both the roof rack and a white roof. Hopefully it will happen,

semi-rusty roof

As for the mechanicals I have an appointment at a shop down the street. He was working on a bug in his shop. Hopefully I will be able to drive the bus there and not have to tow it. Wonder who has a tow vehicle?

Tomorrow I will open the other side of the engine and try to figure out TDC. Then I can make sense of the distributor I hope.