Timing Success

My timing mark is 180 degrees off where it should be.

So I went back to basics and decided to figure out where TDC is. Turns out the mark on the fan is for cylinders 2 and 4 and not 1 and 3 like normal. Once I figured that out the rest of the timing was not that hard. After setting the valve gap I had to pull the distributor.  At this time I replaced the condenser and points to the proper ones. I had bought some points with a black wire but I apparently needed the zebra points with a black wire with white stripe. The condenser that was on it was fairly old so I replaced that too. 

When it was time to set the distributor I used a timing light and the twisting distributor method. Basically twist clockwise till the light goes on. That seems to have solved the timing problem. It still will not idle properly but it is better. Hopefully the shop will be able to fix it. If I have time I may pop open the carburetor rebuild kit and try a new gasket.