The darn throttle cable

So today I thought I would replace the throttle cable.  Unfortunately VW never bothered to put the procedure in its manual. After struggling with it till dark I gave up. The solution turns out being to remove the passenger-side rear wheel. I guess I have to do that tomorrow. 

While down there I did notice a little more rot up front than elsewhere. Hope something can be done about it. Possibly a welder in my future? 

Throttle cable exit at front. Existing cable still in with new cable wedged.

Exit of throttle cable in engine bay at rear. To get to shroud exit I will have to remove rear wheel.

Jack under bus.

Box of Jack

I did get a spiffy new jack with a height extension that is perfect for the bus! Trick is to get the SUV model. So far it jacked the bus quite easy. Has a tricky release but it is manageable for the price. I was able to borrow jack stands though I only have three and a half. It should be enough for now.