End of spring racing season

Took the bus to Drift Atlanta and it was great! Was awesome to fall asleep looking out the hatch and the rain was sprinkling. I was so very glad to be off the ground. Tarp was just big enough to offer a chair's worth of shelter without catching too much wind. I may be able to get away with more in Turn 5 but not the wide open space of Turn 10.

In terms of maintenance the bus has been very good. I think the Stabil helps but I am sure the weather is a part of it. Driving regularly helps too. The milage is not bad for a five thousand pound vehicle that was loaded down. 

The main project for the next week or two is to patch the floor. The rear is not in bad shape. The next few days will really tell as I clean and de-rust the bad areas. I guess I will finally get to use that rivet gun I got! Should be fun! I should also do the valves and timing soon but that can wait till the summer. 

A side project it to see what I can fix in the dash. The oil pressure light works and the gas gauge works stickily but the speedometer rarely works. the odometer does turn though. Some bulbs are also functional. Tried to take it out but apparently it is more difficult than the four screws. Something to research tonight!