Tag Light

Harness and tag light assembly

One of the issues I had when I got the bus is I had no tag light. The only piece there was a grommet from the engine side of the rear hatch. I picked up a piece on ebay for a little too much(close to $50 including shipping. The item looked badly machined and the rubber grommet barely fit but it did come with screws and a bulb. 

tab Light installed   

tab Light installed


I figured I could wire it to a hot line off one of the emissions devices mounted on top of the engine. While looking for a negative I ended up locating the correct cables( I hope.) They came off the right hand taillight and the hot was white with a red stripe. The ground was yellow with a green stripe. My guess is when the rear hatch raising mechanism failed and the hinge failed the wires got sniped. I wish they got snipped a little further away. I was able to put on some connectors without much trouble and connect my harness. I have a disconnect at the hatch and a spring for some flexibility . Hopefully the fan won't eat it. 

LED interior bulb

One more improvement was to get an LED bulb for the interior. Turn out the middle headliner light is not working. Will do experiments at the track with the forward headliner light to see if the LED bulb is worth the money(over $10.) 

Heading out to Drift Atlanta in the morning. Hopefully the bus starts better than last time. Think it was a full tank and more than a month between starts. That southern humidity will get you. I will be using stabile from now on.