Fall work

New Glovebox and glovebox strap.

Work on the bus slowed this summer but has not stood still. Just got an order from airheadparts.com and am waiting on a rear hatch seal along with a replacement stabiliy bar from busdepot.com.  The two big creature comfort improvements made so far are a plastic glovebox I bought off ebay and a cargo door handle. I can now open the cargo door from inside!  A note on the glovebox is that it needs a much longer screw to reuse the metal strap that holds it in place. A quick trip to the hardware store and it was installed. 

I have also managed to cut most of the battery tray debris out in anticipation of a replacement panel. A full replacement will not be possible without replacing the whole rear passenger side exterior panel. This should be good enough for a while. 

Old Glove bog remains. Yes it was cardboard.

There is also a new coil and a compu-fire electronic ignition system. I have only done points once but the promise of better spark seems to have won me out. I am waiting for the battery tray to go in before installing anything. Would prefer to be able to fire the bus up between every step to avoid complex troubleshooting. Need to also remind myself on setting the timing.