To Road Atlanta

Finally got my batter box and roll bar and new coil in the rush to make it to the racetrack. Finally put in my first rivets and real replacement panel! Also put down my first disappointing layer of Por 15.

First lesson was that a replacement panel is a lot better than sheet metal. Don't thing the rapid would be close to as shapely and almost as expensive had I not done it with a pressed replacement panel. It also made me realize how much the passenger side of the bus was gone. I should in the future Replace the whole back external panel and at that point also redo the battery tray repair. At this point that corner is mostly a thick layer of bondo.

The problems with the roll bar are mostly solved with googling and knowing that the tab on the securing slides needed to be flattened for removal. I was able to reusing the hardware and the new roll bar, which replaced and under specced and broken stock bar, was a huge improvement.. Corners do not feel dangerous anymore!

The coil was a simple repair that replaced the stock part that was dented with a new Brazilian coil. Time will tell if that is a bad one. 

Lessons learned include looking repairs up online and taking more time measuring. Also to take cheap easily replaceable parts and just make the repair like the coil. Upcoming repairs are putting in the points replacement and rubber repair on the suspension.