Timing Success

My timing mark is 180 degrees off where it should be.

So I went back to basics and decided to figure out where TDC is. Turns out the mark on the fan is for cylinders 2 and 4 and not 1 and 3 like normal. Once I figured that out the rest of the timing was not that hard. After setting the valve gap I had to pull the distributor.  At this time I replaced the condenser and points to the proper ones. I had bought some points with a black wire but I apparently needed the zebra points with a black wire with white stripe. The condenser that was on it was fairly old so I replaced that too. 

When it was time to set the distributor I used a timing light and the twisting distributor method. Basically twist clockwise till the light goes on. That seems to have solved the timing problem. It still will not idle properly but it is better. Hopefully the shop will be able to fix it. If I have time I may pop open the carburetor rebuild kit and try a new gasket.

Still working on it.

Have not really kept this updated. I will try to over-update now.  

It is coming down to crunchtime and I have really screwed up the timing on the bus. Make sure you know your TopDeadCenter before you start adjusting stuff. Will take another shot tomorrow. It sure seems like the distributor shifted a bunch! 

In an attempt to ignore the mechanical I decided to finally strip and epoxy the roof. This will put me in a very tight time-frame before heading off to Road Atlanta. My whole reason for getting the bus is to go to the racetrack and not sleep on the ground. Hoping to roll on in there with both the roof rack and a white roof. Hopefully it will happen,

semi-rusty roof

As for the mechanicals I have an appointment at a shop down the street. He was working on a bug in his shop. Hopefully I will be able to drive the bus there and not have to tow it. Wonder who has a tow vehicle?

Tomorrow I will open the other side of the engine and try to figure out TDC. Then I can make sense of the distributor I hope.

Too much rain!!!

New belt.

Over the past week we have gotten nothing but rain. It is particularly unfortunate as I want to seal the outside and it seems like it rains every day after work. On the other hand I have been able to spend some time reading and getting parts. I can now say that when I get the carb the bus should be ready to crank. Well except for the throttle cable

Front part of throttle cable tube. 

The darn throttle cable

So today I thought I would replace the throttle cable.  Unfortunately VW never bothered to put the procedure in its manual. After struggling with it till dark I gave up. The solution turns out being to remove the passenger-side rear wheel. I guess I have to do that tomorrow. 

While down there I did notice a little more rot up front than elsewhere. Hope something can be done about it. Possibly a welder in my future? 

Throttle cable exit at front. Existing cable still in with new cable wedged.

Exit of throttle cable in engine bay at rear. To get to shroud exit I will have to remove rear wheel.

Jack under bus.

Box of Jack

I did get a spiffy new jack with a height extension that is perfect for the bus! Trick is to get the SUV model. So far it jacked the bus quite easy. Has a tricky release but it is manageable for the price. I was able to borrow jack stands though I only have three and a half. It should be enough for now.



The story so far...

Cleaned and sealed rear.

Waiting to get the carb back.

So far I have had the bus 2 weeks. The majority of the time I have spent so far was on the metal. I have cleaned and coated the area in the back and have started on the roof and front. I do need another coat around the front windshield. 


The mechanicals are in pretty good shape( I hope.) There was an idle problem but that will hopefully be fixed as soon as I get the rebuilt carb back. I have drained the tank and plan to replace some fuel line. I would like to put a filter between the tank and pump but am afraid of leaks. I am not sure how helpful a filter would be there as well as it is very out of the way.


Front of bus.